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Testimonial swipe file

  • Email swipe file to help you ask for testimonials
  • A place to store testimonials (aside from your inbox)

Sales page background, template, and swipe files

  • Background on how long a sales page should be, plus breaking down what makes a sales page convert
  • Our signature 28-step sales page interactive workbook
  • Notes about writing effective sales pages
  • 6 different sales page styles

Help brainstorming a lead generator that will actually capture email addresses

  • A brainstorming page to help you figure out which lead generator you should create first
  • Tips for titles that will get your audience's attention

Get your webinar out of your head and into reality in record time

  • How to decide whether to create a live or on-demand webinar, and tutorials to make setup a snap
  • An interactive workbook that will help you outline your webinar before you even open Keynote, PowerPoint, or Google Slides
  • Four different slide swipe files to get you started
  • Notes from the Perfect Webinar (created by ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson)
  • Webinar registration page template

Swipe files and templates for landing pages and thank-you pages

  • Anatomy of a landing page
  • Copy-and-paste template for a long-form landing page
  • Required components of the thank-you page

Templates and swipe files for email follow-up sequences

  • Email Zero
  • “Book a call” post-webinar email funnel
  • Post-webinar follow-up funnel
  • Post-quiz email funnel
  • The exact email funnel we used for a previous on-demand webinar
  • Pre-webinar email funnel
  • Email to your list, inviting them to your on-demand webinar
  • Flash sale email funnel
  • Re-engagement email funnel
  • 10 Cold email templates
  • Cheat sheet: How to get people to open your emails


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Calls-to-Action

  • Why use calls-to-action
  • My two favorite places to deploy them
  • Best practices for calls-to-action
  • How to make your calls-to-action disappear for months when people click the 'x'
  • My favorite software for calls-to-action

Facebook ads: messaging + targeting

  • Why you should install the Facebook pixel on your website (and how to do it)
  • Why most people get Facebook ad targeting wrong (and how to get it right)
  • Facebook ad messaging "mad lib"
  • Facebook ad headline ideas
  • Best practices for Facebook ad images

How to leverage your existing network (on and offline)

  • How to ask your network for help
  • How to develop your winning LinkedIn outreach strategy
  • 7 LinkedIn frameworks that generate results
  • 20 more ideas to promote your business​​​​​​​

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